BorgWe welcome your interest in our unique organization and invite you to learn more about us.

Established in 1099 AD by the Blessed Gerard, the Order began as a hospice for pilgrims and the local population and served people of all faiths. The best intelligence places the original hospital near the present-day Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. The OSJ remains among the oldest chivalric and religious organizations in the world.

The founders of the Order of St. John assigned their descendants the heroic task to preserve the Christian faith and to serve the sick and the poor, best summarized in the Order’s nearly 1000-year-old motto: Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum (For faith, for service to humanity).

As members of the Order and the Russian Grand Priory of Malta, we take that admonition very seriously. In the 21st Century, The Russian Grand Priory of Malta is comprised of members who are well-known for their philanthropy and charitable “Hospitaller” work.

Our Hospitaller interventions and charitable work reach throughout the world. As a Royal Order of Knighthood, we also preserve our centuries-old traditions and customs as they have been entrusted to us in our Royal Charter and Constitution, most recently codified by His Late Majesty King Peter II of Yugoslavia.

Our members are enriched by their many opportunities to associate with their fellow knights and dames throughout the world as we all continue to provide critical resources to those who have nothing at all. We united in our commitment to be a source of what is good and right in the world today. To this end, The Russian Grand Priory of Malta is a congenial centre for those who have dedicated their lives to helping others and promise to do so in the future.

Today, there is great popular interest in the extraordinary work that the Order has done for nearly 1,000 years and continues to do throughout the world. This generation inspires each other and works together to become the next wave of true crusaders in its unique Hospitaller style. Acknowledging what a person has contributed in the past and solemnly pledges to continue in the future, the accolade is awarded to those very few who take their solemn vow of knighthood seriously. To this end, I invite you to learn more about our work and to join us as we honour those who do the work of everyday heroes on behalf of all those who need it most.

HE Grand Prior Paul M Borg OSJ
Grand Commander and Grand Prior of the Russian Grand Priory of Malta