The Russian Grand Priory

Grand Priors all

Grand Prior

H.E. Grand Commander Paul M. Borg OSJ (2002- )

Previous Grand Priors

Bailiff Profs. Gaston Tonna-Barthet OSJ (1964-1985)

Bailiff Joseph Stafrace OSJ (1985-1987)

Bailiff Dr Victor Captur M.D, OSJ (1987-1991)

Bailiff Profs. Ronald H.Norris, OSJ (1991-1994)

Bailiff Victor M.Xuereb OSJ (1994-2002)


Priests who served as Chaplains to the Grand Priory

Rev. Fr. Marius Zerafa O.P, Chaplain
Mgr Fr. Philip Calleja, Chaplain
Mgr. Carmelo Xuereb, Chaplain
Canon Maurizio Calleja, Chaplain
Fr. Raphael Gauci OFM Conv, Chaplain
Mgr. Michael Azzopardi, Chaplain
Fr. Carmelo Zammit SDB, Chaplain

Priests who are serving as Chaplains to the Grand Priory

Fr. Alfred Sacco SDB, Chaplain
Fr. Charles Bugelli OFM Cap, Chaplain
Mgr. Charles Vella, Chaplain
Fr. Victor Enriquez O.Carm, Chaplain
Fr VicGeorge Vassallo, Chaplain




1964     8th March 1964

The Malta Priory within the Russian Priory was created. Bailiff Gaston  Tonna Barthet elected 1st Prior.

Grand Master Paul de Granier de Cassagnac was asked to resign   by the majority of the members of the order yet he refused.

H.M King Peter II of Yugoslavia, a member of the Order, and already the protector of the Order was asked to take the leadership of the Order.   H.M King Peter II was elected as the 73rd Grand Master of the Order.

Grand Master King Peter II gives a new Constitution to the Order changing the habit to a red and white mantle.

The Original constitution was brought to Malta from Switzerland     by Commander Ivo Muscat Azzopardi

1970      22nd February 1970

Grand Master King Peter II elevated the Malta Priory to the prestigious title of Grand Priory of The Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Russian Grand Priory.

1978      30th November 1978

The Order granted official recognition by the International Commission of the Order of Chivalry.

1981     13th March 1981

“Palazzino Sapienti” situated in St. Paul’s Street, Valletta (Presently No. 223) purchased three quarters of the building by the Malta Grand Priory to serve as the Head Quarters of the Order.

1984     9th February 1984  

“Palazzino Sapienti” situated in St. Paul’s Street, Valletta (Presently No.223) purchased the last quarter of the premises by the Malta Grand Priory to be the Head Quarters of the Order and the Quarters of the Order


Bailiff Joseph Storace elected 2nd Grand Prior.


Bailiff Dr. Victor Captur elected 3rd Grand Prior

1990    9th Aug 1990

A Regency is formed within the Order. Bailiff Victor Xuereb elected Grand Commander.


Bailiff Ronald H. Norris elected 4th Grand Prior.


Bailiff Victor Xuereb elected 5th Grand Prior

1999    19th June 1999

Grand Commander and Grand Prior Victor Xuereb elected Lieutenant Grand Master. Bailiff Carol Marguerat elected Grand Commander of the Order,


Bailiff Paul M. Borg elected 6th Grand Prior of the Grand Malta Priory and Grand Commander of the Order.

2005   14th October 2005

Concordat of confederation of various priories within the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller signed in Valletta, Malta

2007      24th September 2007

Bailiff Michael Bohe from the Priory of the Low Countries (Belgium) elected Lieutenant Grand Master

 Factors due to the Election of the Malta Priory to Grand Priory

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