The Petit Conseil

The Petit Conseil is the Government  of the Order.   Its role is that of  the central administration (Government) of the Order and directs its daily affairs.

The Petit Conseil is made up of four Bailiffs referred to as Conventual  Bailiffs because of their position as members of the Petit Conseil.  The Conventual Bailiffs are elected by simple majority by the Sovereign Council from the Bailiffs of the Order.  Each must have an intimate knowledge of the Constitution because they ensure that the tenets of the Constitution and its ancillary rules and protocols are rigorously maintained.

The Petit Conseil convenes twice a year or more frequently, if necessary, to manage the current affairs of the OSJ.

The present Petit Conseil:

–   Paul M. Borg:   Grand Commander OSJ
–   Vincent Bonaguro:   Grand Councilor OSJ
–   Roberto Volpe:  Grand Marshal OSJ
–   Antoon Cnudde:   Grand Hospitaller OSJ