Vision & Mission


As a Knight / Dame of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem
we are committed to our Motto:

“Pro Fide – Pro Utilitate Hominum”



  • To be known in our local society and church community as The Humanitarian Organisation, having the ability, the competence and the commitment to work for people in need.
  • To be known as a Christian Ecumenical Order with roots deep into the history of knighthood, which have given us the inspiration to work as an Order in modern times adjusted to the society of today.
  • To unify under the Constitution of King Peter II. of Yugoslavia all Units and Orders which, because of historical fragmentations, are now separated from one another.
  • To create that common front, which will make the Order recognizable all over the world.
  • To ensure fundamental values, such as a Christian lifestyle, loyalty to the Order, compassion and charity to others.



  • To work on our projects with dedication so as to ensure results of a high standard..
  • To make the white Maltese Cross known as the symbol of our historical Christian roots.
  • To continue to work for unifying separate Units and Orders under the Constitution of King Peter II.
  • To work for homogeneity in mantle, insignia and ceremonies whilst respecting cultural diversity.
  • To encourage and ensure a humble attitude for all work done for the Order and for its motto and not for fulfilling personal ambitions.

Codex of Knighthood:

  1. To know the history and traditions of the Order.
  2. To work with dedication in Christian, Ecumenical Matters.
  3. To be aware of the need existing among fellow human beings.
  4. To be kind, open minded and obliging.
  5. To personally concentrate on ethic and moral demands so as to improve our own attitudes.
  6. To be responsible and respectful to all others.
  7. To help, relieve and comfort those who are in need.
  8. To work voluntarily for the Order in charitable and administrative duties.
  9. To be loyal, faithful and respectful to the Order.
  10. To live a Christian lifestyle and to feel honoured for having the privilege of wearing the white Maltese Cross.